Nhận định kèo U23 Nhật Bản vs U23 UAE, cập nhật mới nhất

Mức điểm KỶ LỤC đáng ngạc nhiên đã được đẩy lên và đáng tin cậy với sự sẵn lòng đến từ hai đội. Đồng thời, U23 của Nhật Bản tỏ ra xuất sắc hơn rất nhiều so với đối thủ của mình.

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The more they play, the more U23 Japan demonstrates their cleverness. UAE was lucky with two penalty kicks, but it"s likely that they will have to stop here.

Finishing second in Group D has helped U23 Japan enter a relatively easy branch of the competition. This match is also expected to be another easy one for U23 Japan as they only have to face U23 UAE, a team that experts consider the weakest in the semi-finals of the Asiad tournament.

U23 Nhật Bản vs U23 UAE

It is worth noting that UAE U23 has only one victory in the group stage and has made it to this semi-final match. They have had a lot of luck, but it is very difficult for them to make a breakthrough against U23 Japan. Because they have not used too much energy recently, the physical strength of U23 Japan is much superior. Meanwhile, two matches lasting over 120 minutes are enough to exhaust the strength and energy of UAE team.

With declining physical condition, experts at W88 bookmakers do not rate the breakthrough ability of U23 UAE highly. The chance of victory for U23 Japan is closer than ever.

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Sidebar information

  • In the three encounters between the two teams, U23 Japan has won all three matches.
  • In their most recent match in 2010, U23 Japan won 1-0 overall.
  • In that match, U23 Japan had a 1/2 handicap and won the bet.
  • In the five matches played, U23 Japan has only suffered one loss against U23 Vietnam in the group stage.
  • In the last three matches, U23 Japan has scored odd goals (a one-goal difference).
  • U23 UAE has only won one match out of five matches played.
  • In the past two matches, U23 UAE drew both matches after 120 minutes and won in the penalty shootouts.
  • This is the semi-final of the Asiad 2018 tournament.

PREDICTION: 2-1, football tips: CHOOSING U23 Japan and OVER.

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